Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Howard Has A New Home!

Well, over the summer, Howard and his family made a big move. We sold our house in town and moved out to the country! It's absolutely wonderful. Howard now has just under 3 acres to play on, plus chickens and a goat to keep him and his other Gumble friends company!

It's so peaceful and quiet out here. It's perfect for Gumbles! It did take a while though for Howard to come out of hiding. I went on a big search for him yesterday so I could take some photo's of him to share. After a while, I found him hiding in a bowl in the cupboard of all places!

And after a bit of coaxing I managed to get him outside to see the snow! We started on the front porch which is covered to get him used to it a bit.

Not too bad! So, off to the back deck where he could experience the actual snowfall!

That didn't go as well. ;)

Later I found him all curled up feeling safe and secure in his favourite plant.

Poor Howard. I don't think he likes snow!

We did get a lot yesterday, so I'll be taking Howard out again to get him used to it.

Be sure to stop by to see more of Howard's adventures in snow!

Have a Gumbly day!


mary jane said...

wow! gorgeous new house! and snow? ohhh, i'm scared of snow, no wonder harold was too!

Home Of The Gumbles said...

lots and lots of snow! Where we live now, we'll get tons of it. I can't wait!!

Debra said...

Great house!!

Cute post.

Start To Finish Supplies said...

Aww, what a cute little guy. I am going to post your link on my blog. That way I will remember to come back and see what all Howard has going on.

Hope he has fun in the snow!

kim* said...

awww lol he is cute

thatissocute said...

It's so nice to see Howard out & about. I think he'll get accustomed to the snow quickly. I wouldn't be surprised if soon you find him sledding or skiing!

Congrats on the move & new home!

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