Thursday, April 24, 2008

There Will Be A New Adventure Coming Soon!

I want to thank all my loyal Howard followers. I know it's been a while since my last update. We've had some upsets around our little town that has made it difficult for me to get out with Howard.

However, things look to be settling down and I know Howard is itching to get out and enjoy the nice spring weather. He's been pestering me constantly and I just can't take it any more!

In the meantime, we're planning Howard's Trip Around The World. It's Howard's biggest adventure yet! He'll be starting his travels around the first of May. He'll be starting here in Canada, but I have people signed up to host Howard all across the U.S. the U.K., Australia and even one person in Portugal!

If you would like to host Howard for a week and be featured here on this blog (it's free advertising!) let me know. I can send you all the information you will need and add you to the list of hosts. You can email me at

Check back soon for Howard's next adventure!

Have a Gumbly Day!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Homeschooling Howard!

Sometimes, some days, a boy just doesn't feel well. That's what happened this morning and my son Ethan got to stay home from school for the day.

But, being the mean Mama I am, I went in and got him some work to do! ;)

And being the helpful Gumble that he is, Howard offered to help.

My son is working on a very creative story about three boys and a lost necklace. Howard gives it his seal of approval. He's a very well read Gumble and he knows quality literature when he reads it.

In fact, he was so excited by it, he called in his good friend Gigi to take a look too.

Math, however is not Howard's strong suit. He just couldn't seem to understand these questions!

I feel for you Howard. Math hurts my head.

But, with a little bit of Howard's help, my son was able to get through his homework. And with a smile on his face! But then, who wouldn't smile with Howard by your side!

Check back soon for a new Howard adventure!

Have a Gumbly day!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Howard Does Yardwork

It's spring! The birds are singing, the sun is shining and that means it's time to do yardwork. And what is a day of yardwork without help from Howard? As we all know Gumbles are very much nature lovers so being outside helping clear out the gardens is a fun filled day for all!

The first thing Howard found was the chives. I'll bet you didn't know Gumbles love to eat chives!

Then, after a quick look over the garden

It was time to get to work. "You should dig here." Howard is telling my husband.

Being out in the front yard was a bit scary for Howard. He really wasn't sure what to make of all the traffic and a couple of times he had to find a place to hide.

Once in a bush

And once in the wheelbarrow

Cleaning up the garden is hard work! Here is Howard, celebrating a job well done. Now, it's time for a nap!

Be sure to check back soon for Howard's newest adventure!

Have a Gumbly Day!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Howard At The Mission

Every other Saturday, my family and I spend the day at Morningstar Mission. This is a local soup-kitchen type organization, where we help the local disadvantaged through meals, monetary support, counsellings and more. It's a wonderful organization started by my good friend and former Deacon. I am now the Volunteer Coordinator there and yesterday was my day to cook. Of course, Howard had to come along to help!

He was a bit scared at first, but found a nice little hiding spot in the mailbox.

But, after a little coaxing, he came out to supervise. Here he is, taking a look around the Mission at our new dining room set up. It met with his approval, luckily.

Of course, he had to check the coffee table to be sure we were well stocked. He got a bit distracted by the sugar, though. ;)

As everyone knows, Gumbles love music! One of the first things Howard found was the piano. He's a wonderfully talented pianist!

There was one scary moment when I couldn't find Howard anywhere! Luckily, after a frantic search, I found him hiding in a box of soup mix.

After one final check on my soup making skills

Howard takes a well deserved rest with my husband.

All in all, Howard had a wonderful day!

Check back soon to see where Howard goes next!

Have a Gumbly Day!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Howard Says Goodbye

It was a bit of a sad day for Howard. He had to say goodbye to his good friend Fleur. She is on her way now to her new home at a wonderful fellow Etsians house.

Even though Howard was happy for Fleur that she was starting her own great adventure, it still made him a bit sad that she was leaving. They are all so close and such good friends.

Here is Howard, explaining to Fleur what is happening.

She was still quite nervous (understandably so!) so Howard continued to comfort her as I prepared to wrap her up safely for her journey.

After Fleur is all safely wrapped up, Howard gives her a little pep talk.

Howard is such a good friend, he stayed with Fleur all the way to the post office. He had to be very brave for his good friend and go for another van ride.

One final goodbye.

Even though Howard is very happy for his good friend Fleur, he misses her terribly. He knows that Gumbles will come and Gumbles will leave, but he will miss each and every one of them.

Don't forget to stop by tomorrow and see what Howard is up to today!

Have a Gumbly Day!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Howard Goes Visiting!

We're still working on building up Howard's confidence, so all the trips we take are only to places that he's heard about. Like my Mom and Dad's.

So, yesterday we went visiting. Here is Howard in the van getting ready for another great adventure!

He's gettin much better with his van rides. He's such a brave little fella!

Of course, the first thing he did when we got to my Mom and Dad's is find the food!

Which was fine until he got so excited about lunch that he fell in and had to have a bath

After that traumatic event, poor Howard found some friends to comfort him.

What an adventure filled day for Howard! On the way out to come back home, he even found a tree to hide in.

It was the most fun Howard has had yet. He's already begging me to go back.

Crazy Howard!

Howard will be out and about again today. Where will he be? Check back in tomorrow to find out. And don't forget to tell all your friends!

Have a Gumbly Day!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Howard Goes To Church

Well, since yesterday was Sunday, and every Sunday morning my family is in Church, that's where Howard went too! I was a bit disappointed however, that our Pastor wasn't there to get a photo of the two of them together. His name is Howard too! ;)

But here is Howard sitting in the pew on my daughter Adara's leg, just getting used to his new surroundings.

After a while, Howard really started to loosen up and get into the service. Our church is very, well, enthusiastic with loads of wonderful music to start the service off. Howard found out yesterday that he loves to sing!

And finally, here is Howard with my son Ethan at Sunday school.

So, not too many pics from yesterday, but Howard was feeling a bit shy. He was out and about again today and there are lots of new pics for tomorrow! You won't believe what Howard was up to and who he met!

Have a Gumbly Day!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Howard's First Trip

Welcome to the very first installment of Howard The Travelling Gumble! As everyone knows, Gumbles are a very shy creature, so having Howard out and about is a huge step for him. Be sure to stop by every day to see where Howard has been.

It was tough getting Howard out of the house for his first adventure. We had to take it very slow. Here he is sitting by the steering wheel of my van, getting up his nerve for his very first car ride.

As you can see, he was a little bit nervous and unsure. But he was very brave and made it all the way to WalMart!

Unfortunately, we weren't able to take photo's of Howard in WalMart. But, he did have a lot of fun. He found new plants to hide in, which I think was the true highlight of his day!

Howard did find something yesterday that he absolutely loved. French Fries! Who knew Gumbles were junk food addicts?

Here he is, posing with his lunch

Howard's good friend Gigi decided to come along with us yesterday as moral support. Root beer anyone?

All in all, it was a very exciting day for both of them. But in the end, it was too much. Gigi was frightened by all the new sights and sounds and dove into a fry container to hide.

And Howard found comfort in my purse.

That ends Howards adventures for today. Where will he be tomorrow???

Have a Gumbly Day!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Today's Featured Seller - Melissa Lund

I've decided that I want to feature new Etsians and those with less than 10 sales. It's nice to be able to help those who are just starting out. So, in a thread started by someone else (I can't for the life of me remember who!) I offered my blog as a vehicle to those who fit that catagory.

The response was AMAZING!
I'm working my way through the list. First is Mellisa Lund Photography. I have to say, even if this shop didn't fit the catagory I was looking for, I would have featured her anyway. The work in here is fantastic!! I love photography. I can't take a decent picture for love nor money, so I'm always in awe of the talent of those who can.

But enough of my babbling. On to the good stuff! As always I asked Melissa my interview questions. Here is what she had to say.

Who are you and where are you from?
Melissa Lund - Artist, Designer, Photographer. I moved from Michigan to Oregon three years ago.

What inspires you?
Music really inspires me. I love to work in my studio and listen to music that reflects the mood I’m in. It really helps me with the creative process. Color and beautiful paper also inspire me.
What is your favourite item in your shop and why?
One of my favorite items is my Bouquet of Buttons photograph. It is so pretty and whimsical.

If the world could only know one thing about you, what would that be?
I can’t whistle…

Now just a few fun questions
If you were colour, what colour would you be and why?
RED because it is such a strong, bold color.

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Scrambled eggs with black olives, cheese and turkey – and a little salsa on top
What is the strangest pet you've ever owned?
I have owned 5 cats and 1 dog….not at the same time. Right now I have a female cat that is a calico tiger. I hear that this is an unusual combination.
Here are just a few of my favourites from her shop.
Barn Windows - Original Signed Fine Art Photograph

Yellow Rose

Ballet Slippers One

As you can see, Melissa is a very talented photographer! I encourage you to click on her banner at the top of the page to go to her shop and take a look around. I promise you, you won't be disappointed!
Come back tomorrow to see my next featured shop.
Have a Gumbly Day!