Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Howard Arrives!

I was horribly excited to find photo's from Fotofiction this morning in my Convo folder. The adventure has begun!!

Howard just arrived today. He was feeling a little shy at first and wasn't sure he wanted to come out and play. I was taking some photographs of some flowers and eventually his curiosity must have gotten the better of him cause he came out to check out the flowers.

I tried not to make a big deal of it so he wouldn't remember he was shy, but my puppy saw Howard and started to bark in excitement. (she loves new friends) Howard quickly hid the best he could!

I managed to coax him out again when I told him because it was raining so hard we were going to have a movie night and that dinner was almost ready. I'll send more after dinner. I hope Howard likes my cooking, no one else seems to!

Howard and Lindsey


foto fiction said...

I can't wait to show Howard this at lunch. He is gonna be thrilled, I think he is a little homesick,

Mandi said...

Oh my goodness, I am LOVING this!! I will definitely have to keep checking back to see where all Howard decides to visit! Hope he likes his current temporary home!

Fabiana Fusco - creazione gioielli said...

Hi I can't wait to see Howards in my house..hope he likes fishes!!

New England Quilter said...

Howard is adorable!

TotusMel said...

Such an adorable idea...I hope Howard appreciates seeing the world!

Sarah McBride said...

YAY!@ Howards on his first adventures. Cant wait to see more!